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Chronic Nosebleeds Now Have Simple Solutions!

Casual young woman with bleeding nose standing over white backgroundThere are many factors that may cause a nosebleed, but they are typically a rare occurrence for most people. If a person begins to experience nosebleeds on a frequent basis, they usually are victims of hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). The traditional treatment for HHT consisted of a medicated spray that is usually recommended by a family physician. This is due to the fact that many researchers and doctors did not believe that a saline solution would be enough to cure a nosebleed.

In a recent study, researchers used a simple saline solution to treat HHT.  The results indicated that the solution, normally used to cure stuffy noses, is sufficient for curing chronic nosebleed conditions [1]. This experiment was done by offering three types of medications to a group of 121 people. Two of these medications were medicated and the third was a simple solution made of salt and water (saline). The study concluded that all three medications had the same effect and the non-medicated solution was just as effective.

A nosebleed usually occurs due to dry nasal membranes and lubricating them with certain solutions can cause the nasal membrane to not puncture the blood vessels, thereby reducing the occurrence of nosebleeds.

[1] Salt Based Spray May Help Chronic Nosebleeds. Preidt, Robert. WebMd. Retrieved From:

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Are You High Risk For Stroke? Check These Risk Factors

A recent study indicated that there are ten adjustable risk factors that are helpful in preventing strokes. For instance, we can

  • Improve our diets
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Reduce stress

Location Stroke RiskThe study identified ten factors that are associated with 90% of all cases of stroke and this statistic is applicable around the globe. These varying factors are all important but the study shows that some factors are more important in certain regions.

  • In Western Europe, North America, and Australia, the importance of hypertension was 40%, compared with 60% in Southeast Asia.
  • Alcohol risk was lowest in Western Europe, North America, and Australia, and highest in Africa and South Asia.
  • In China, the impact of physical inactivity was the greatest.
  • In all regions, atrial fibrillation was associated with ischemic stroke, but in Western Europe, North America, and Australia, it was of greater importance compared with China or South Asia.
  • The collective importance was similar in all regions when considering all 10 risk factors.

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How Is Tylenol Dangerous?

HeadacheAcetaminophen is the active ingredient in the most common over-the-counter drug sold, Tylenol. It is common for adults and children to take a dose if they feel they are catching a cold or fever. The drug also serves as a pain reliever.

Although the drug has no side effects when taken in the correct dosage, it can be fatal in severe cases of overdose. It is key that you take precautionary measures to prevent this from happening and learn the symptoms and circumstance of an unintended overdose.

Unintended Overdose

Unintentional overdose can happen in multiple ways. One common method is due to a person taking the incorrect dosage on purpose. In some cases a person may be aware of the effects this overdose can have but usually occurs due to a person taking more pills thinking it will relieve their pain faster. It is recommended that an adult not take more than 4000 milligrams of acetaminophen in a 24 hour period. Taking more than this amount has proven to cause liver damage and taking more than 6000 milligrams in a 24 hour period is a good reference point as to when emergency medical attention is needed.

It is also possible that a person is consuming Acetaminophen in other forms.  An overdose occurs in this scenario when people fail to coordinate their medicines. They usually take a dose of Tylenol on top of the prescription medication and this can lead to an unintended overdose.  Another common scenario is when people lose track of how much acetaminophen they have already taken.  Taking a stronger version of the pill or taking too many pills together at the same time can lead to too much acetaminophen in your system as well.

It is a common occurrence that children mistake their medication for juice or candy due to its flavor and color. Consuming large amounts of these medications in a short amount of time, such as drinking a bottle, classifies as overdose.  There have also been many cases where parents lose track of how much acetaminophen their child has taken and they give them too many doses in a short amount of time.

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How to Minimize Errors When You’re at a Pharmacy

Hand of doctor with pen writing on prescription blank

When purchasing drugs at your local pharmacy, there are two categories that they can be divided into: prescription and over the counter (OTC) drugs.  Prescription drugs are generally much stronger and require a licensed professional’s opinion before a patient is able to purchase them, as they are more dangerous than OTC drugs. This is why your family physician writes all the necessary instructions on a prescription. The prescription is given to a pharmacist who double checks, dispenses, and sells the medication to you. The pharmacist also has an additional responsibility to counsel you on how take the medication.

In addition to the high standards of safety promoted by licensed professionals, there are some things a patient can do ensure a safe experience when filling a prescription:

  • Double check that the information you provide to your doctor and pharmacist is accurate.
  • Ensure that you request child-resistant lids if there are children in your household.
  • Ensure that you receive the appropriate measuring equipment when receiving a liquid medication. It is not advisable that you rely on the volume of your teaspoon at home.
  • Find out the best storage methods for medication. Leaving it in a bathroom cabinet is a common habit for many people, but highly unsafe in numerous cases. This is due to the increased humidity in the bathroom, which has a tendency to break down the pills.
  • Before you exit the pharmacy always make sure that your prescription matches the drugs provided by your pharmacist. Be sure to ask any additional questions or express any concerns to your pharmacist.
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Why You Should Consider Over the Counter Drugs

team of pharmacist chemist woman and man group standing in pharmacy drugstoreOver the counter (OTC) medications are ones that are available off the shelf for purchase in local drug stores and pharmacies. You do not need a prescription for these drugs and they have applications that can be useful for multiple people. OTC medications are regulated by the federal government, just like prescription medication.

You may start taking OTC medications if you continually experience common symptoms that can easily be helped by milder drugs sold off the shelf. For example, acetaminophen or Tylenol may provide short-term relief for simple pain and fever.

OTC drugs usually rely on self-diagnosis; meaning one would have to recognize the symptoms themselves before purchasing the appropriate drug. Always talk to a pharmacist or physician if you are unsure about any OTC drug. Licensed professionals are able to identify any side effects or issues with your use of a specific drug, especially dangerous side effects used with other medications.

OTC drugs are generally cheaper than prescription medications. For example, the prescription drug Clarinex, used to reduce allergy symptoms, is 58% more expensive than the OTC drug, Alavert. If a patient is aware that they are only experiencing seasonal allergies and their symptoms are a common occurrence, it may be highly beneficial (and cheaper) for them to take the OTC drug.

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Why Prescription Drugs are More Dangerous Than Street Drugs

drugs-1276783_640There is a common stigma, especially in teens, that “street drugs” (illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines) are more dangerous than prescription drugs.  Children are brought up with the knowledge that street drugs have many negative side effects and pose a real danger, but knowledge about the dangers of prescription drugs is sorely lacking in teenagers.  These drugs have potentially lethal effects and can lead to death.  Some commonly abused prescription drugs include opioid painkillers, stimulants, and depressants, some of which have similar addictive properties and are as dangerous as illegal street drugs.

After increasing community efforts to reduce the number of teenagers able to get their hands on prescription medication, a rural county in Ohio found that teenagers were turning towards illegitimate online pharmacies.  From 2014 to 2015, questionnaires posed to teenagers in the county revealed an increase from one child to 188 children who reported obtaining drugs from the internet.  Illegitimate online pharmacies make it much easier for teenagers to get their hands onto prescription drugs because many of these illegitimate businesses do not take due care in protecting their customers and children.

With these dangers surrounding the online purchase of medication, it is important to find an authentic, legal online pharmacy that performs their due diligence.  These legitimate online pharmacies are essentially no different from your local pharmacy.  Online pharmacies have a licensed pharmacist who checks your prescriptions and fills your orders, a stated address, and is accredited by a trustworthy association like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).

While there are legitimate online pharmacies that follow legal practices to ensure the process of filling prescriptions stays safe, there are also disreputable pharmacies.  These companies use only questionnaires on their websites and fail to demand prescriptions for prescription drugs.  This dangerous practice is not only illegal for those who need the medication, but also poses a huge threat to teenagers.

A person with some rudimentary knowledge of chemistry and a pill press can make a pill with uncontrolled substances.  There would be no quality control from these illegal activities, which makes these pills as dangerous as uncontrolled street drugs.  Futhermore, it is difficult for local law enforcement to combat these drugs, as they are shipped right to an adolescent’s doorstep.  Customs and the DEA work to reduce the flow of these drugs, but there are only so many shipments that they can catch.  Easy access to prescription drugs compared to the relative difficulty of street drugs  have caused a rise in drug overdoses, especially in teens.



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Crestor Costs Only 6% When Bought Online

Rosuvastatin is an oral drug commonly used to lower blood cholesterol levels. It is classified in a group of drugs that reduce cardiovascular disease and mortality called statins.

According to, “In 2011, Crestor was the second most popular statin by spending. In the U.S., Americans spent $4.4 billion dollars on it. The most popular was Lipitor, on which Americans spent $7.7 billion dollars.”

These drugs are much cheaper online, Crestor could be a stunning 6% of the generic brand, Rosuvastatin. The only factor that is questionable is the reliability of these online suppliers. However, using online third-party verifiers like, consumers can trust the contents of the medication they are taking.


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Are Online Pharmacies Reliable?

As purchasing medication from online sources becomes a more affordable choice, it is important that consumers ensure that they purchase their medication from a reliable source. checks the credentials of online pharmacies to help you stay safe, as well as making it easy for you to compare and find the lowest drug prices.


This is a very useful website that allows you to compare multiple reliable pharmacies and it gives you all the information that you need in one place.  It guarantees that the pharmacy:

  • Will be licensed
  • Requires prescription
  • Encrypts and secures all data their consumers provide

Use this resource to ensure the source for your medication is coming from is a diligent company.  Your health depends on the medication that is going into your body and ensures the safety of the drug that you are consuming.

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Pharmaceutical Companies Maximize Profits: It’s Nothing New

In a recent blog by, consumers were informed of pharmaceutical companies who increase their costs due to the patented medications only available to them. In particular, Valeant Pharmaceuticals were singled out for their nefarious activities in increasing their medication prices.

Rising Costs
It is important not to shy away from the fact that there are numerous companies following in the same path. Valeant Pharmaceuticals’ has increased prices for many medications that were not new or innovative. Often, pharmaceutical companies exhibit high prices to recuperate research and development costs for new drugs. However, Valeant Pharmaceuticals were criticized for the rising prices of old drugs and critical medications.
Click here to find out more about Valeant’s price increases and how they defended themselves.


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How Your Sugar Addiction Is Slowly Killing Your Brain

sugar in the bowl

If you thought watching your weight was the only good reason to ditch those donuts, think again. Glucose is actually the human brain’s main fuel source and is not harmful in moderate amounts but what happens when the brain has to deal with the more than 150 pounds a year of added sugar that the average person now consumes, per capita? From slowed down mental processes to increased risks of dementia, here’s the bitter truth about excessive sugar’s effects:

Sets Off an Addictive Cycle

If you’ve ever had a hard time eating only one scoop of ice cream, you already know just how difficult it can be to limit sugar intake. Studies show that this may have more to do with sugar’s effects on your brain than a lack of willpower. Sugar takes over your brain’s reward system, flooding it with pleasure hormones like dopamine and making it tough to resist another bite or sip of the sweet stuff. But while the occasional sugar rush is nothing to worry about, frequently activating your brain’s reward system with sugar can lead to serious problems like powerful cravings and a full-blown sugar addiction.

Slows Your Brain’s Ability to Learn

A UCLA study carried out on rats showed that those fed a high-sugar diet struggled to learn and remember paths to escape a maze. Researchers found that the brain cells of fructose-fed rats had trouble passing signals, leaving the rats unable to think clearly or find escape paths they’d already learned about. According to the study’s authors, this may be because the rats’ high-sugar diets led to insulin resistance and disturbed thought processes.  

Shrinks Your Brain Volume

Regularly eating large amounts of sugar could actually put you in danger of shrinking brain cells. A high-sugar diet that includes sugar-sweetened beverages, like soda, has been linked to a reduction in both blood flow to the brain and actual brain volume. Consuming a lot of sugar may also raise levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that has been associated with brain volume shrinkage and disruption of brain cell activity

Reduces Your Hippocampus

According to a study published in Neurology, high levels of blood glucose have been linked to having a smaller hippocampus. The hippocampus is an area of the brain that is important for memory so it’s not surprising that the study also found that those with higher blood glucose levels did worse on memory tests.  

Raises Your Risk of Developing Dementia

Even scarier than high blood sugar’s ability to mess with everyday memory is its link to long term memory loss. It was previously thought that only diabetes was associated with dementia but a study published in The New England Journal Of Medicine found that even high blood sugar levels lower than the diabetic range were enough to increase the risk of developing any kind of dementia. And other research finds that diabetic-range high blood sugar can mean a 39% higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Linked to Depression

Although many of us turn to sweets to deal with stress, they could actually make matters worse. That’s because sugary snacks cause your blood sugar levels to rise sharply and then drop. This sudden “sugar crash” can leave you feeling nervous or depressed. Reaching for sugar too often can also lead to a chronically inflamed brain, another suspected cause of anxiety and depression.

While enjoying a square of chocolate every so often isn’t something you should worry about it, there are some very real risks to a constant high–sugar diet. Cutting down your average daily dose of the sweet stuff to the recommended 6-10 teaspoons could help protect your brain in the short and long term. With everything from avoiding anxiety to preventing Alzheimer’s on the line, this list proves that when it comes to sugar, less really is more.

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