One Important Health Issue to Discuss at the Next Presidential Debate

One Important Health Issue to Discuss at the Next Presidential Debate

October 9 marks the second presidential debate, sure to be a televised event with a large audience. The first debate was shown to over 84 million people, the largest audience ever for a presidential debate. Among the issues brought up were job creation, taxes, and race issues, but nothing to address the rising costs of basic healthcare for Americans. The topics of the second debate will be much different, following the tradition of the format of a town hall meeting, where members of the audience will supply half of the questions. The remaining questions will be supplied from Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Anderson Cooper of CNN, who have agreed to consider questions posed through this online website.

Over 35 million Americans don’t adhere to their prescription regimens because of the cost and these costs are only going to hurt the economy. The projected effect of missed medication is about $100-300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs.

Big pharmaceutical companies consistently drive prices up to make profit on vulnerable Americans. Recently, Mylan has come under scrutiny for hiking the prices of the EpiPen by 500% in the last eight years with no competition, leading to a federal investigation. EpiPens are a vital piece of equipment that should be available to all who require it. No life should be at risk because the increasing price of a simple life-saving device for no reason other than profit.

The Open Debate Coalition forum is the best chance to raise the issue of unaffordable prescriptions that affects tens of millions of Americans, many who are elderly or on fixed incomes. Help bring this issue to the attention of presidential candidates and to the general public.

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