We make ordering Canada meds simple, affordable

Ordering your prescription medications from Canada is easy, simple and affordable. Maple Leaf Meds makes ordering prescriptions that much easier – delivered right to your door. All prescription orders are sent from our pharmacy by CanadaPost’s XpressPost service. This is the fastest method available for prescription medications in Canada to be sent directly to your home.

What does “no hidden fees” mean?
Low shipping fee
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What does “no hidden fees” mean?

We strongly feel that our customers should not be surprised by extra charges or “pharmacy fees” on their medication bills. We make ordering from Canada simple. We offer low shipping cost and no hidden charges. Placing your initial order takes only three simple steps:

    1. Check prices on your prescription medication online, add them to your shopping cart. Each package shipped has a low $9.99 shipping charge. That’s it! No pharmacy fees or membership fees.
    2. Fill our our patient information forms (new customers only) – or order online!
    3. Send us (by mail or fax) your completed forms along with your doctor’s prescriptions and we will fill your prescriptions and send them in the mail directly to your house in days.

We believe in keeping ordering your Canada prescriptions simple. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-998-4016 or contact us via email from this web site.

Fast delivery of your medications

Your medications are shipped shortly after your order is placed. Packages are shipped out from the pharmacy within a short time frame and are shipped EXPRESS MAIL to your address. At Maple Leaf Meds, we also have the ability to track your package until it arrives at your home. We believe in fast and timely delivery of your medications.