Our Mission

To provide convenient and affordable prescription drugs to all those who currently have no prescription coverage or those who have inadequate prescription coverage. We strive to be a leader in the safe online prescription medications industry by providing access to affordable medications with superior customer service.

Working to serve you better…

To ensure that you receive the best prices and service for your medication needs, we negotiate with international pharmacy partners that are licensed in their countries. Their pharmacists are duly trained and licensed and ensure that their international pharmacy meets all your healthcare needs when dispensing drugs to you from your online order. One online pharmacist we work with told us that through every step of the medication order preparation, they consider the mail order medication to be received by their family member. That’s how much our partners care!

What is a Canadian Pharmacy Online?

What makes us Canadian? That’s easy. We are located in Canada, just north of Washington state, in the City of Surrey, British Columbia. Our local Canadian pharmacy partner provides medications from Canada, if you chose, but to ensure you get the most affordable prices on your medication, we have long established relationships with pharmacies in other countries as well. As an example, we have been serving Americans by providing access to a pharmacy in the United Kingdom safely for 15 years. A Canadian online pharmacy intermediary is just like your neighborhood pharmacy except that it is located in Canada and instead of picking up medications; they are mailed directly to your home.


We are long established in online pharmacy and ensure that we take all the steps necessary for you to receive your medications either from Canada or international fulfillment centers (your choice), at prices that are more affordable than your local pharmacy. We stand by our word and offer a price match guarantee so you can rest assured that you are accessing the more affordable medications.

How It Works

Maple Leaf Meds facilitates the review of your prescriptions and your medical health by a licensed Canadian physician before having your prescriptions filled at licensed Canadian pharmacy. Many international pharmacies are able to fill from your U.S. prescription.

Licensed Prescription Fulfillment Centers

We simplify the entire procedure of acquiring low priced medications by offering mail-order prescriptions from our affiliate Canadian and International dispensing partners. All prescriptions are then shipped by Canada Post, Royal Mail, or other international postal service from our affiliated dispensing partner directly to your home.

Maple Leaf Meds Helps You To

  1. Get access to reduced cost Canadian and International prescription drugs.
  2. Facilitate the review of your prescriptions and medical information by a licensed Canadian physician if fulfilling from a Canadian pharmacy.
  3. Forward your information (with your consent) to our affiliated Canadian and International dispensing partner.
  4. Ensure that pharmacists licensed in the country from which they are dispensing review your medication order.
  5. Ship your prescriptions via the fastest available shipping method directly to your home.

We pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide to all of our customers and strive to save you money on your prescription drugs.

The Maple Leaf Meds Canada Pharmacy Service offers people like you substantial savings off retail pricing on brand name and generic drugs in Canada and through other international pharmacies. Click here for Maple Leaf Pharmacy prices.

Friendly Customer Service

At this Canadian Pharmacy intermediary, we try our best to provide you with the most helpful customer service possible at all times. For all Canadian drug pricing related queries or assistance with placing a new order, we request you to call us on our toll free number i.e.
+1-800-998-4016 or email us at [email protected]

Superior Quality and Secure

Accredited by CIPA and IPABC, MapleLeafMeds ensures that you receive the lowest Canadian drug prices for all your prescription needs. If fulfilling in Canada, we assist you to facilitate the review of your prescriptions and medical and medication history by a licensed Canadian physician.