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Save up to 70% on your prescription medication costs when you order from Canada

It’s Easy, here’s how:
  1. Search for your medication
  2. Add them to the shopping cart and proceed through the online checkout
  3. Fax prescription(s) to 1-888-214-6343

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You can save up to 70% by ordering Canadian medications at Maple Leaf Meds over you local pharmacy prices. See for yourself!

Medication NameQuantityPrice (USD)You Save ($)
Actonel12 Tablet$52.00$83.00
Actos 100 Tablet$36.10$246.00
Altace112 Tablet$70.00$141.00
Cialis30 Tablet$26.90$77.00
Flonase Nasal Spray360ds$115.00$109.00
Fosamax Plus D 12 Tablet$76.00$106.00
Lipitor 100 Tablet$65.75$55.00
Pravachol 84 Tablet$54.00$23.00
Premarin84 Tablet$35.00$64.00
Protonix100 Tablet$26.00$131.00
Zoloft 100 Caplet$29.00$124.00

Friendly Customer Service

At this Canadian Pharmacy intermediary, we try our best to provide you with the most helpful customer service possible at all times. For all Canadian drug pricing related queries or assistance with placing a new order, we request you to call us on our toll free number i.e.
+1-800-998-4016 or email us at [email protected]

Superior Quality and Secure

Accredited by CIPA and IPABC, MapleLeafMeds ensures that you receive the lowest Canadian drug prices for all your prescription needs. If fulfilling in Canada, we assist you to facilitate the review of your prescriptions and medical and medication history by a licensed Canadian physician.