Chronic Nosebleeds Now Have Simple Solutions and how to stop a nosebleed

Chronic Nosebleeds Now Have Simple Solutions and how to stop a nosebleed

What causes nosebleed how to stop a nosebleed 

There are many factors that may cause a nosebleed or but they are typically a rare occurrence for most people. If a person begins to experience daily nosebleeds on a frequent nosebleeds basis, they usually are victims of hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). The traditional treatment for HHT consisted of a medicated spray that is usually recommended by a family physician. This is due to the fact that many researchers and doctors did not believe that a saline solution would be enough to cure a nosebleed.

Nosebleed treatment

 In a recent study, researchers used a simple saline solution to treat HHT. The results indicated that the solution, normally used to cure stuffy noses, is sufficient for curing chronic nosebleed conditions [1]. This experiment was done by offering three types of medications to a group of 121 people. Two of these nosebleed remedy medications were medicated and the third was a simple solution made of salt and water (saline). The study concluded that all three medications had the same effect and the non-medicated solution was just as effective.

A nosebleed usually occurs due to dry nasal membranes and lubricating them with certain solutions can cause the nasal membrane to not puncture the blood vessels, thereby reducing the occurrence of daily nosebleeds.

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