Living With ED Is Not a Death Sentence: Here’s How You Overcome It

Living With ED Is Not a Death Sentence: Here’s How You Overcome It

Living with ED (erectile dysfunction) is a common hurdle many men have to overcome.

In fact, one statistic says that the likelihood of you having ED increases by ten percent every decade of your life.

However, living with erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be a big problem. There are many natural remedies you can use to enhance your performance, as well as some natural supplements.

In this article, we’ll look at some popular forms of ED treatments you can apply to your life, as well as a few drugs you can get from a Canadian Pharmacy to get you going again.


If there’s one controllable variable in your life that can improve your body’s performance, it’s exercise.

A number of things can cause erectile dysfunction, but working out can help improve your symptoms in a number of ways. For starters, exercise helps boost your body’s natural testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a large role in sexual function and vitality.

Another way exercise can help is with weight loss. Due to the additional burning of calories as well as the boost in testosterone, you should try to shed your excess fat, which has been linked to erectile dysfunction in numerous studies.

So if you’re looking to cure ED, an exercise routine is a great place to start. Exercise 3 to 5 times per week — even if it’s going for a walk or learning how to use some machines at the gym.

Change Your Diet

Like exercise, eating better is also something within your control that can help boost your sexual health.

Your diet actually has more of a say in terms of fat loss and body composition than exercise does, so the same benefits are available in that regard.

You’ve probably heard the phrase that you “are what you eat.” While you shouldn’t take this literally, there is some truth to it.

When you eat lots of sugar and processed foods, your body is less likely to perform at maximum capacity. Your sexual health, as well as your energy levels and mental health, may all suffer.

To cure your ED, it might be a good idea to start basing your diet around whole foods — lean proteins, lots of vegetables and fruits, and whole grains. Limit sugar and alcohol consumption for a while and see if it helps.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor, or the base group of muscles that make up your core, play a role in your body’s ability to get an erection.

It may seem hard to believe, but it actually makes sense if you think about it. Most of us sit during work, lounge on the couch at home, or just don’t maintain good posture throughout the day.

This chronically poor posture can weaken the muscles in the lower back, abs, and obliques, which can lead to the “softening” of other things if you catch our drift.

Along with your exercise routine, try practicing deep breathing into your core while sitting up with good posture. Feel your belly and lower back expand outward. (You can also do this on your back if it’s more comfortable.)

If you feel some muscles deep inside that were dormant before start to come alive, that’s a good sign. Try doing this a few times each day or during your exercise warm-up for a few weeks.

Get More Sleep

Sleep plays a big role in our body’s health — both sexual and overall.

When you sleep, your body has a chance to repair tissues, get rid of damaged cells, and store new information. Many of these functions aren’t possible while you’re awake.

It also takes about 90 minutes for your body to go through one cycle of rest (if you wake up in the middle of the night often, it’s likely that you’re waking up during one of your “lighter” rest stages). Deep sleep, which only happens for about 15 minutes of that sleep cycle, is crucial for health and vitality.

Your body’s hormones will be out of whack as long as you are sleep-deprived. So whenever possible, try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Make it a priority and you may not need an ED product (such as Viagra or Cialis) in the first place.

Take Supplements

There are a handful of supplements you can try taking that have links to enhanced male sexual health.

They include:

  • DHEA
  • Ginseng (found in many caffeinated beverages and energy drinks)
  • L-Arginine
  • Pine pollen

Don’t go down a wormhole online looking for wild and exotic supplements that might cure your erectile dysfunction. The truth is, most of the “snake oil” supplements you’ll find online are fake, and even if they aren’t, they’re illegal in most countries.

(For what it’s worth, studies show those exotic supplements don’t work, either.)

Talk to Your Doctor

If you’re already trying to improve your erectile dysfunction using these tips and they aren’t working, the next step is to talk to a medical professional.

In some cases, certain prescriptions you take, as well as other lifestyle factors (mental health and stress, for example), could be making it hard to, well, get hard.

Your doctor will be able to take your blood work, ask you questions about your medical history, and use other tools to give you the most accurate assessment of why you might be experiencing ED (and what to do about it).

Life With ED is Manageable

By adjusting your lifestyle and making healthier choices, life with ED can be manageable for many men. While it’s a common symptom that comes with age, there are still things in your control that can have profound effects on your body’s physical performance.

If all else fails, though, taking medication can help. Learn more about how to buy drugs online through MapleLeafMeds and have your order filled today!