The Top 9 Benefits to Drinking Water

The Top 9 Benefits to Drinking Water

water benefitsThe idea that you should drink 64 ounces of water each day (8 8oz. glasses) is largely considered a myth, but there is evidence which says that the extra water can’t hurt.   Your body is made up of 60% water and assists nearly every part of your well-being.  The primary function of water is to transport nutrients around your body, and when that system is compromised, troubles, not the least of which being dehydration, can occur.

Here are the top 9 benefits to drinking water:

Maintains Fluid Balance

Water plays a major role in your body, including digestion, circulation, saliva production, nutrient transportation and the maintenance of body temperature.  When you are feeling a bit dehydrated, your kidneys send a trigger to your brain to tell it that you’re thirsty.   Keeping that balance is essential for performing at your best.

Lose Weight

Water indirectly assists you with losing weight.  By choosing water over a high-calorie soda, you are consuming fewer calories during the day.  Also, getting a glass of water and staving off the craving of high-fat, high-calorie foods can help reduce weight.

Provides Energy

Dehydration occurs when your body has excreted or expelled too much water through sweating or through your body’s natural function.  When your cells don’t have enough water, they don’t function as well as they do when they are adequately hydrated.   Those few glasses of water rehydrate the cells and give an extra boost of energy, encouraging productivity.

Healthier Skin

Like the cells in your body, your skin cells function better when they are well hydrated.  Dehydrated skin starts to wrinkle, though over-hydration doesn’t completely remove the effects of wrinkles.   Get a good moisturizer to lock the water in.

Assists in Digestion

Water helps your stomach break down all of the nutrients in solid foods.  Drink water with your meals and after your meals to help your tummy process the healthy (and possibly unhealthy) food that you’re eating.

Maintains Bowel Function

Water helps your body further down the digestive tract, as well.  When your colon does not have enough water, it takes the water from the stool, leading to constipation and other bowel troubles.

Less Sickness

An extra glass or two of water helps your kidneys remove toxins from the bloodstream.  Toxins are also secreted in sweat, reducing your likelihood of sickness.

Cushion for Joints

Water bolsters the fluids around your joints, making them more flexible, lowering any potential inflammation.  It is advised to drink a little extra water before exercising to make up for your body’s sweating.

Headache Remedy

The primary cause of headaches is dehydration.  This is why one of the classic hangover cures is to have a couple glasses of water and an aspirin.

So Drink Up!

The recommended daily allowance of water might be in question, but the health benefits definitely aren’t.  Drinking water instead of the high calorie sodas has been shown to help you lose weight, cushion your joints, and reduce headaches.  It’s also accessible, making it one of nature’s perfect substances.