Affordable Prescription Medication: 7 Ways to Save On Prescriptions

Affordable Prescription Medication: 7 Ways to Save On Prescriptions

Finally receiving a diagnosis from your doctor can feel like a relief. You finally understand what’s wrong. You can even improve your health with one small, simple pill.

It’s all a relief—until you realize how much that small, simple pill costs, at least.

About 30% of patients avoid filling a prescription because it’s too expensive. Another 15% are willing to cut their pills in half to save money. Unfortunately, these tactics could prove disastrous to your health.

Instead of taking these shortcuts, consider these seven tips. You can save on prescriptions without putting your health at risk.

With these tips, you can prioritize your health and your budget. Discover how to find prescription drugs discounts with these seven simple tips today.

1. Ask for Samples

If your doctor decides to start you on new prescription medication, ask if they have any samples available. Try to get more than one sample packet if you can.

Trying a sample first will help you recognize if there are any side effects before you purchase a full bottle. Make sure to review the potential side effects with your doctor before you leave their office, too.

Pharmaceutical sales reps visit doctors’ offices all the time. They arrive with plenty of samples for doctors to offer their patients. Sometimes, however, doctors forget to hand out samples.

Instead, they’ll write out your prescription and send you on your way.

Before you leave the office, ask for a sample of the medication your doctor is prescribing. You can avoid wasting valuable time and money on a prescription that might make you sick. If you use up your samples and start feeling sick, let your doctor know.

For example, you might feel sick if your prescription interacts with other medications. It could interact with the food you eat, vitamins, or supplements, too.

If you experience side effects, your doctor might prescribe another medication.

Imagine purchasing a full bottle of medication, only for your doctor to switch prescriptions after a week! You can avoid wasting that money by trying samples.

You don’t have to purchase a month’s supply right away. Asking for samples first can help you save on prescriptions. Even a single sample can help you put money back into your pocket.

2. Choose Generic Brands

Before leaving your doctor’s office, ask if the medication they’re prescribing has a generic option instead. Choosing generic brands is another great way to save money. You can even save without compromising your health.

Make sure you review the pros and cons of switching to a generic option with your doctor first.

Ask if there’s a reason they want you to take the brand name instead. For example, the generic version might cause side effects. It might interact with another medication your doctor prescribed, too.

Consider consulting a free online doctor. They can help you determine which medications will treat your condition at a lower cost. Speaking with an online doctor can help you reevaluate your medication plan, too.

With their help, you can determine which generic brands you can switch to in order to save money. They can also ensure your medications won’t interact with one another.

3. Buy in Bulk

Once you find the medications you need, consider buying them in bulk.

Think about the medications you need to take long-term. You don’t have to purchase a 30-day supply each month. Instead, see if a 90-day supply is available online.

There are prescription drugs discounts available when you buy in bulk. You can save on prescriptions and still receive the medication you need.

Only buy in bulk for medications that treat a long-term condition. Otherwise, you could end up wasting money.

4. Gather Research

Talk to your doctor about each medication they prescribe. Do your due diligence by gathering research online, too. You might find one medication will do the work of two.

You can ask your doctor to switch your medications, allowing you to save money.

Americans spend about $1,200 each on prescription medications each year. Consider using online prescription services. You could find the medications you need online at a lower price.

5. Check Your Cabinets

Before refilling your prescriptions, check your medicine cabinets and bags. You might find a bottle you failed to finish. Even finding a few extra pills could save you a few dollars.

Make sure to check the expiration date before taking older medications. If you’re concerned, talk to your doctor. They’ll let you know if your medications are still safe to use.

6. Talk to Your Doctor

How many medications are you currently taking? Make sure to review your medications with your doctor regularly. Ask if there are any medications you can stop taking.

Your doctor can adjust your regimen to help you save money.

Don’t make these changes on your own. Remember, you’ll want to prioritize your health. Your doctor can make informed recommendations based on your condition.

7. Head Online

If you’re still struggling, head online. Look for online prescription services and pharmacies. You can start shopping from a Canadian online pharmacy.

They could help you save up to 70% on your meds.

You can use an online directory to find the medications you need. Then, you can select the strength and quality. Make sure the details match your doctor’s prescription.

Then, you’ll receive your prescription in the mail, offering ease and convenience.

You can search for your prescription medications here to get started.

Save on Prescriptions: 7 Tips for Successful Shopping

Don’t let your prescription medications eat away at your savings. Instead, use these seven tips to save on prescriptions. With these tips, you can manage your spending while prioritizing your health.

Make sure to consult your doctor before making any changes to your medication plan. They can help you make informed decisions without compromising your health.

Eager to start shopping and saving? We’re happy to help.

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