Do’s and Don’ts To A Sick Free Plane Ride

Do’s and Don’ts To A Sick Free Plane Ride

Ever felt unexpectedly sick on a long airplane ride? Well, here are 7 steps to make your long airplane flights sickness free, or prevent sickness.

Airplane sickness is a form of motion sickness in which the inner ear, the body and the eyes send the brain mix signals causing symptoms such as; nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headaches to occur. It is a very common condition that can make motion experiences highly uneventful, and could be a major nuisance.

Down below is 7 steps in which advice and warnings are addressed to help individuals prevent motion sickness, or treat it in the moment, so take a look.

1) Do: Eat a minimum amount of food before your plane ride (24 hours before flight)

-Stick to low-calorie foods such as; veggies or some fresh fruits

– Eat dry crackers and drink ginger ale *calms nausea when flying*

Don’t: Do not overstuff your body with large amounts of grease and fat.

Do not consume salt foods or Dairy products

2) Do: Choose seat in the front part of the plane, close to a bathroom

– Keep air conditioning running to keep the fresh air flowing

3) Do: If you suffer with motion sickness, take medication to control it. Medication such as scopolamine can be quite useful for motion sickness.

4) Do: Consider therapies such as; acupuncture, biofeedback etc

Don’t: Do not consume medication if you are a frequent plane traveler

5) Do: Try drinking lots of herbal teas- used to treat airplane sickness

6) Do: Drink water every two hours during flight

Do not: Drink alcoholic beverages during flight

7) Do: Recline seats and close your eyes if  nausea occurs

  • breath slowly
  • daydream
  • meditate

Hopefully these tips will make your airplane experience as enjoyable as possible, but remember. If you are feeling sick, do not panic breath slowly and you will be fine.