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Monthly Archives: June 2015

US Confirms CIPA Approved Canadian Pharmacies Safe Option for Prescription Drugs

A research study confirms prescription medicines obtained by CIPA members are 100 percent original, safe, and more affordable.  The study included data collected from multiple pharmacies recognized by certified organizations and agencies providing essential information to consumers to assist in making informed decisions when ordering prescription medicines online. What was collected and analyzed during the […]
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What is celiac disease?

Celiac disease in individuals means that they are gluten sensitive. It is an intestinal disorder and the sensitivity is genetically inherited. The main cause for the disease, however, is not known. The disorder symptoms may be developed at any time from the period of childhood up till adulthood. It can also be triggered by emotional […]
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The Validity of Online Pharmacies

There was some truth in the report which was commendable since there is a no tolerance policy on rogue pharmacies at CPPI (Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation). However, those who are not in support of personal prescription importation can try to convince you that all medications that do not originate from a given certification program […]
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Staying Home Longer As You Age Can Have Its Benefits

As people get older, they sometime become unable to perform some of their everyday tasks. This can make it more difficult for the elderly to keep up with all their household and personal care needs. Just a few decades ago, the main solution for families when their loved one became unable to perform these daily […]
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