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Formulation : Cream
Dosage : 3.75%
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What is Vyloma Cream used for?

Vyloma, with the generic name imiquimod, is a topical prescription cream used to treat external genital and perianal warts among adults with human papillomavirus (HPV). It is classified as an immune response modifier.

This medication can be used for other diseases or conditions, provided a medical physician prescribes it. Do not use it for other purposes without medical advice.

This is available in Vyloma Cream 3.75% imiquimod.

How does Vyloma Cream work?

This prescription drug stimulates innate and acquired immune reactions, which results in inflammatory cell infiltration. It also induces local cytokines. This type of medication has no direct antiviral activity.

How to use Vyloma Cream

Prior to using imiquimod, you should thoroughly read the medication guide that comes with this product. Do not use this cream without knowing how to use it properly. If you have additional concerns, you may ask a medical professional.

This is usually applied to the affected area once a day, preferably before bed or depending on the physician’s recommendation. Clean the affected area and let it dry before application. Apply a thin amount of imiquimod cream to the wart and gently rub it. Do not put any dressing on while treating the wart/s. Using imiquimod should last for up to eight weeks.

Vyloma Cream Side Effects 

Common side effects: 

  • Mild itching in the area 
  • Temporary redness
  • Mild burning sensation
  • Mild stinging 

For the most part, the undesirable effects brought about by this medicated cream are mild. However, if the side effects become severe and if they last for a few days, you should talk to your healthcare provider. You should also report any rare or serious adverse effects, including: 

  • Skin blisters 
  • Skin discoloration
  • Severe swelling of the skin
  • Scabbing
  • Hardening of the skin
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Vaginal infection

    Precautions when using Vyloma Cream

Talk to your physician/healthcare provider about your medical history, as this medication may be contraindicated for people with certain infections or skin disorders. You should also let your physician know all the prescription and over-the-counter medications you use because of drug interactions.

Those with known allergic reactions to imiquimod or any of the inactive ingredients this product has should avoid applying this cream. Signs of hypersensitivity are itching with hives, swelling of the entire face (may include the neck), trouble breathing, and persistent dizziness. When allergic reactions manifest, you should call for emergency medical help.

Using this prescription cream could cause photosensitivity. Keep away from direct sun exposure and use indoor tanning. You should also apply sunblock lotion when going out and wear protective clothing, if necessary.

The effects of this cream during pregnancy and lactation are unknown. You must use this product only if the benefits outweigh all possible risks.

How much does Vyloma Cream cost in Canada?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my skin to heal after using Vyloma Cream? 

Healing time depends mainly on the severity of the skin condition. Most people’s warts begin to heal after four weeks of regularly using this medication.

How do you know Vyloma Cream is working? 

Upon applying Vyloma Cream, you may feel mild swelling, itching, and burning. You will know your condition is improving once flaking and scabs appear.

How long should I leave Vyloma Cream on the skin? 

You should leave the cream for eight hours and then wash it off. Leaving it for a longer time could lead to skin reactions.

Does Vyloma Cream damage healthy skin? 

Normal skin around the area being treated may have redness and mild swelling as well. These reactions are only mild and will disappear once the medication has been washed off.

Does Vyloma Cream help with itching? 

Imiquimod can help with inflammation. In contrast, itching and redness are the most common skin reactions that you may experience while using this drug.

How should I store my Vyloma Cream? 

Refrigerating this prescription drug is not necessary. Store this prescription cream at room temperature, away from direct heat sources. Keep it away from pets and small children.

Is there a generic alternative to Vyloma Cream? 

There is no available generic alternative to this brand-name medication. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you want to switch to another medication that is cheaper than this cream. 


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