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Prescription Prescription Required
Formulation : Tablet
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The Function of Brilinta

Brilinta, an oral anti-platelet medication, has an active substance ticagrelor, which belongs to the group of anti-platelet medications. The medication prevents platelets from sticking together and creating a dangerous blood clot in your body. Since it is an anti-platelet medication, it ensures that the blood continues to flow in your body smoothly.

What Does Brilinta Treat?

Brilinta prevents stroke and heart attack in individuals diagnosed with heart issues, such as a previous heart attack or unstable angina. It prevents blood clots from forming in patients who have undergone heart surgery, such as stent placement. Brilinta is taken alongside aspirin.
Even though Brilinta is different from aspirin, both work together to prevent new blood clots from forming in your body, which is why it is important to take both medications.

Dosage Information about Brilinta

You can take Brilinta by mouth with or without food and as instructed by your doctor. Usually, you need to take Brilinta two times each day. With it, you need to take a low dose of aspirin, ranging from 75 to 100 milligrams, one time each day and as instructed by your doctor.

Your doctor will recommend a loading dose of 180 mg. Then you will be shifted to a maintenance dose of 90 mg, which has to be taken two times each day for one year. After one year, your doctor may reduce your dose to 60 mg, which also has to be taken twice each day.

If you are unable to swallow Brilinta, you can crush the tablet in a glass of water, dissolve and drink it immediately. Pour more water into the glass, stir, and drink to ensure you have taken the complete dose. Try to take the medication at the same time each day for maximum benefit.

Brilinta: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Brilinta? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below:

Who Should Not Take Brilinta?

People with a history of bleeding issues in the brain, currently bleeding, or are allergic to the main ingredient ticagrelor or other ingredients in the medication should not take Brilinta.

What Should You Tell Your Doctor?

When you visit your doctor, tell them about any medications — prescription and over-the-counter medicines, herbal supplements, and vitamins — you are currently taking and for what medical conditions.

How Should You Store Brilinta?

You can store Brilinta at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and temporary store it at temperatures, ranging from 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Brilinta for Children?

No, Brilinta is not for children, but only for adults who are 18 and older.

What Should You Do If You Miss a dose?

In the event you miss your dose, take your next dose as usual. Never take two tablets at the same time to make for the missed dose.

Should You Tell People You Are Taking Brilinta?

Since Brilinta is a blood thinner, inform your dentist or doctor that you are taking the medication before you undergo any surgery. This includes minor procedures, such as getting your tooth removed. You may have to stop taking Brilinta for a short time, before undergoing surgery or any minor procedure.

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Brilinta, Torplat


60mg, 90mg

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56, 112, 84, 168



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