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How Does Alinia Work?

Alinia is a medication that prevents the development of Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia. The medication interferes with the transformation of chemicals into energy in protozoal cells.

What Medical Condition Does Alinia Treat

Alinia can treat diarrhea due to parasite infections in the intestines. The parasites that affect a person are called Crypto and Giardia. These parasites are commonly found in food, water, soil, or on surfaces with feces.

If a person is infected, it causes diarrhea, whereas others may not show any symptoms of the infection. Without taking Alinia, diarrhea can lead up to 6 weeks for Giardia and 4 weeks for Crypto.

The Proper Way to Use Alinia

You need to take this medication by mouth with a tall glass of water and food every 12 hours for three days. If you are taking Alinia in liquid form, shake the bottle every time you take it. Use a special measuring spoon or device to measure the amount you are taking. Children 11 years and younger can take the medication, but only in its liquid form, not tablet form.

The recommended dose for treating the medical condition caused by the parasite in children who are 1 to 11 years old is to give them 5 ml to 10 ml of Alinia in liquid form every 12 hours with food for three days. The recommended dose for treating the medical condition caused by the parasite in people who are 12 years and older is to give them 500 mg tablet of Alinia or 25 ml of Alinia in the liquid form with food for three days.

FAQs about Alinia

The most frequently asked questions about Alinia include:

How Should You Store Alinia?

You should store the medication at room temperature away from heat and moisture. You should always ensure that you have tightly closed the bottle after taking the medication. If you are taking the liquid form for this medication, you should discard any unused liquid after 7 days.

What Should You Do If You Forget to Take a Dose?

In the event you forget to take a dose of Alinia, you should take it as soon as you remember. If you remember the time for you to take your next dose, skip it.

Who Should Not Take Alinia?

You should not take Alinia if you are allergic to nitazoxanide or any other ingredients found in the medication. The medication is not for children who are younger than 1 year.

How Do You Know You Need Alinia for Diarrhea?

Your doctor will conduct a laboratory test and if it comes positive for parasite infection, they may prescribe you Alinia.

Should You Adjust Your Diet While Taking Alinia?

No, you do not need to adjust your diet while taking the medication, but it is recommended that you increase your intake of water because diarrhea can cause dehydration. In addition to water, you can also take sips of fruit juice, water, broth, and sports drink.

What Should You Tell Your Doctor before Taking Alinia?

You should tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney disease, issues with your immune system, or HIV. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant or are breastfeeding, tell your doctor.

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Other Names:

Nizonide DT, Nizonide


200mg, 500mg

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60, 120, 6, 24, 12



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