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What is Farxiga Used for?

This medication is mainly used to treat type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Because it reduces glucose levels in the blood, Farxiga is an effective diabetes drug. It also decreases the risk of heart failure and risk of hospitalization due to heart failure, especially when caused by the presence of diabetes type-2.

Farxiga is used alongside therapeutic exercise and dietary control to achieve the best effect. It can also be used as a combination drug with other diabetes medicines to bolster glycemic control.

This medication is additionally prescribed to patients suffering from chronic kidney disease in order to prevent a decline in the condition.

Who should not Take Farxiga?

You should not take Farxiga if you have a hypersensitivity to any of the active or non-active ingredients. Signs of an allergic reaction include; swelling of the face, tongue, and/or throat, difficulty breathing, and itching, redness, or rashes on the skin.

Tell your doctor if you have medical history including renal Failure, polycystic kidney disease, liver disease, diabetic ketoacidosis, frequent UTIs, low blood pressure, or pancreatic surgery.

Blurry vision, drowsiness, and fainting spells are common side effects of diabetes type-2. If you are using Farxiga to treat diabetes, you should not operate machinery or drive until you understand the effect this medication has on you and you are sure you have suitable alertness to operate heavy equipment. Alcohol should not be consumed while taking this medicine. Using Farxiga with other diabetes drugs can increase the risk of hypotension (low blood pressure).

This medication can sometimes cause dehydration. Make sure to drink lots of water while on this medication, and call your doctor if frequent or severe vomiting, diarrhea, or urination occurs.

Pregnancy can complicate diabetes treatments and can worsen or even cause diabetes. Talk to your doctor if you are pregnant and diabetes is a concern for you or if you are on any medications for diabetes.

Geriatric patients may be more susceptible to the side effects of this drug.

Side Effects

It’s not common for this medication to cause severe or dangerous effects. Always monitor your health and report side effects to your doctor if they persist, are severe, or have dangerous implications. Mild side effects include:

  • Urinary frequency
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dehydration
  • Back pain
  • Common Cold

This medication can cause serious effects that pose a threat to your health. Please be aware of the increased risks associated with the use of Farxiga, and understand what to watch for so you know when to call your doctor.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Burning urination, urinary frequency & urgency, or bloody urine.

Kidney Problems: Fluctuations in urination volumes or swelling of the extremities, especially legs and feet.

Bladder Cancer: Painful urination and pink or bloody urine.

Genital Yeast Infection: Redness, itching, burning, or swelling of the genitals, unusual discharge, off-putting odor.

Low Blood Sugar: Sweating, shaking, quickened heartbeat, feelings of hunger, blurred vision, dizziness, tingling in the hands or feet.

Farxiga dosage

You should closely follow your doctor’s instructions for dosing. Your prescription is tailored specifically to you, and it may be harmful or inefficacious to deviate from your doctor’s guidelines.

Farxiga is available in 5 and 10 mg doses. The starting dose is typically one 5 mg tablet taken once per day usually in the morning. It can be consumed with or without food. The dose may be increased to 10 mg per day when necessary.

Farxiga vs Invokana & Farxiga vs Jardiance

There are other medications that are used for diabetes that achieve a similar effect to Farxiga. Invokana and Jardiance are both SGLT2 inhibitors, and they carry many similar risks. These drugs can all cause low blood pressure, kidney problems, diabetic ketoacidosis, and infections due to identical mechanisms of action. That being said, the chemical structure of these drugs is slightly different, and there are several side effects that are different and may change which medication is most suitable for you.

Medication:  Farxiga  Invokana  Jardiance 
Unique Side Effect:  Back pain 

Common Cold 

Pain in the extremities 


High phosphor levels 


Bone Fractures 


High potassium levels 

High magnesium levels 

Join pain 


Respiratory tract infections 


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How much does Farxiga cost in Canada? 

Our prices on this medication are affordable. Safely buy your prescription from our website. We offer affordable products and hassle-free transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How quickly does Farxiga work? 

This diabetes medication may start working after taking just one dose. Then, it takes about a few days up to a week for this product to take full effect.

Is Farxiga the same as metformin? 

Although both medications are used to manage type 2 diabetes, these prescription drugs are not the same. While Farxiga (generic name: dapagliflozin) works by blocking the reabsorption of glucose and promoting its excretion through the urine, metformin improves insulin sensitivity and decreases the amount of glucose produced by the liver.

Does Farxiga cause kidney damage? 

Farxiga medication itself does not cause kidney damage. However, it may cause dehydration which could lead to kidney problems. This medication may also worsen any preexisting kidney diseases.

Can Farxiga make you lose weight? 

Modest weight changes are possible while taking this medication. Some people experience weight loss while taking this drug. Some patients also experienced weight gain as this product may cause hunger.

Does Farxiga make you pee more? 

Yes, among the effects of this drug is increased urination. This could cause kidney damage and low blood pressure. Stay hydrated while on this medication and avoid using diuretics.

Can I buy Farxiga online? 

Yes, you may purchase Farxiga online. Note that a valid prescription from your physician will be required when purchasing certain products. 




Brand Name:


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Other Names:

Dapagliflozin, Forxiga


5mg, 10mg

Quantities Available:

28, 56, 84, 100


Film Coated Tablet, Tablet

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