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Formulation : Tablet
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Dosage: 0.1mg
Quantity: 100
Price: $59.10
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Buy Fludrocortisone Acetate Fludrocortisone Acetate

Prescription Prescription Required
Formulation : Tablet
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Fludrocortisone Acetate
Dosage: 0.1mg
Quantity: 100
Price: $54.00
Fludrocortisone Acetate
Dosage: 0.1mg
Quantity: 200
Price: $80.00
Fludrocortisone Acetate
Dosage: 0.1mg
Quantity: 300
Price: $105.00

Florinef Uses 

Florinef, with the generic name fludrocortisone, is an oral man-made form of glucocorticoid that is made by the body. This prescription medication is approved as partial replacement treatment in individuals with Addison’s disease-related primary and secondary adrenocortical insufficiency. It is also used as a treatment for salt-losing adrenogenital syndrome. 

This is available in Florinef 0.1 mg scored tablets. 

Florinef Mechanism of Action 

This corticosteroid is thought to work by controlling the rate of protein synthesis. It substitutes endogenous aldosterone in situations when endogenous production is absent or inadequate. This works on kidneys in order to increase sodium reabsorption and potassium excretion. As a result, this medication can maintain the salt and water balance and keep the blood pressure normal. It also helps in breaking down carbohydrates in the system. 

How to use Florinef 

Read the medication guide or information leaflet that comes with this product first. Avoid taking this type of prescription drug if you have not yet fully understood the instructions and drug information printed in the guide. If you have some queries on how this tablet works or need further medical advice, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist. 

Take this tablet orally. This is usually prescribed once daily or as directed by your doctor. It can be consumed with or without food. Swallow the tablet and take a glass of water right after. If you need to cut or crush the tablet, ask for assistance from your pharmacist. 

Remember to take this medication regularly and exactly as prescribed to achieve the best result. Make a dosing regimen to avoid missing a dose. Do not alter your Florinef dose or frequency as it is based on your medical condition and response to therapy. Also, do not stop taking this medication unless advised. This might lead to a deterioration of the situation. 

Florinef Side Effects 

Common side effects: 




-stomach upset 

-menstrual changes 

-changes in the menstrual cycle 

-sleep problems or insomnia 

-dry skin 

In most cases, the side effects brought about by this oral medication are mild and temporary. If the adverse reactions become worse or do not get better, you should hold the medication and consult your doctor or any healthcare professional. Further, you must report severe side effects, such as: 

-easy bruising or bleeding 

-thinning of the skin 

-slow wound healing 

-bone or joint pain 

-swelling of the extremities 

-unusual tiredness 

-unusual weight gain 

-muscle weakness 

-increased urination 

-signs of infection (fever, persistent sore throat, skin sores) 

-irregular heartbeat 

-eye problems 


-gastrointestinal bleeding 

-mental or mood changes 

This is not a complete or full list of the side effects of Florinef. 

Precautions when using Florinef 

Before you start using this medication, you should fully disclose your medical history to your doctor. This should include any history of candidiasis, valley fever, blood clots, bleeding problems, osteoporosis, eye problems, diabetes, liver disease, kidney problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, low blood minerals, any mental or mood disorders. This is because some conditions may directly impact how your body will respond to the medication. You should also discuss all prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, supplements, or herbal products you are taking because of possible drug interactions with this corticosteroid. 

Keep an eye out for any allergic reactions while on this treatment. Do not take this oral drug if you have a known allergy to fludrocortisone or any inactive ingredient each tablet may contain. Discontinue medication and alert your local medical emergency line once you experience signs of hypersensitivity, such as swelling of the face and neck, severe dizziness, skin rashes, hives, and trouble breathing. 

This medication may compromise your immune system and could increase your risk of having a severe infection. Maintain proper hygiene at all times and prevent contact with infected persons. You should also avoid getting immunized or vaccinated while taking this drug. 

Do not consume any alcoholic drinks while taking this tablet. Alcohol may aggravate certain side effects and can also cause stomach bleeding, especially if you have a history of ulcers or taking large doses of aspirin. 

Pregnant or breastfeeding moms must avoid taking this medication because of the potential danger that it could cause to unborn babies and breastfed infants. Always remember, potential risks should be greater than the potential benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Florinef medication asteroid? 

Yes, this is a corticosteroid. 

How long will it take for Florinef to work? 

It could take around two to four weeks for this medication to work. 

Does Florinef cause weight gain? 

Although rare, this medication may lead to weight gain. 

Can Florinef cause insomnia? 

Yes, this drug may cause insomnia. 

How much does Florinef cost? 

This page contains information on the cost of this drug. 

Brand Name:


Scientific Name:

Fludrocortisone Acetate

Other Names:

Floricot, Florinef



Quantities Available:

100, 200, 300



Maple Leaf Medications has provided information from third parties intended to increase awareness and does not contain all the information about Florinef (Fludrocortisone Acetate). Talk to your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner for medical attention, advice, or if you have any concerns about Florinef (Fludrocortisone Acetate).