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What is Fetzima?

This medication is an anti-depressant that’s used as a short-term solution to help treat Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in adults. This medicine affects serotonin, and works by stabilizing the chemical imbalances in the brain that lead to clinical forms of depression.

 Fetzima vs Cymbalta

Both Fetzima and Cymbalta help improve your mood but the latter also relieves certain types of pain. Both can raise increase high blood pressure so make sure to speak with your physician before taking one any of this medication.

Fetzima vs Pristiq

These two haven’t been compared in clinical studies, but both belong to a class of antidepressants called serotonin-norepinephrine. SNRIs work by reducing neurons’ abilities to reabsorb the neurotransmitter serotonin. “Reuptake” refers to when neurotransmitters are reabsorbed into presynaptic neurons, which is a vital component of the brain’s regulation of mood. By inhibiting reuptake rates, Fetzima allows serotonin levels to reach a higher concentration near their receptor sites, where they can send electrical impulses that improve mood and psychological health.

Fetzima Side Effects

Common side effects from this drug are usually mild, and they include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Constipation
  • Decreased libido
  • Impotence
  • Heart palpitations

Fetzima can also cause side effects that are major health risks or are indicative of another dangerous health condition that has developed. Call your doctor right away if you notice signs of any serious health complications or if you encounter severe or prolonged side effects.

  • High blood pressure: headache, nosebleed, fatigue, confusion, difficulty breathing, fast or irregular
  • heartbeat
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Angle-closure glaucoma: blurred vision, tunnel vision, eye soreness, redness or swelling of the eyes
  • Manic episodes: racing thoughts, increased energy, insomnia, unusual behavior, agitation, intense mood swings.
  • Low sodium levels: headaches, confusion, slurred speech, weakness, vomiting, decreased motor functions, lack of coordination
  • Serotonin syndrome: agitation, hallucinations, fever, sweating, shivers, fasciculation (muscle twitches), loss of motor abilities, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fast heart rate


This medication is usually taken once a day at the strength prescribed to you. Capsules should be swallowed whole with water. Do not chew, split, or crush the tablet, and do not take tablets that are damaged (dispose of them responsibly at your local pharmacy).

The best time of day to take Fetzima depends on preference, but it’s usually best taken in the morning or at night; however, you should always take it around the same time of day. You may take it with or without food.

Your dosage is meant for you specifically, and should not be shared with anyone. Do not change your dose without your doctor’s instruction. Ceasing to take this medication abruptly after regular use can be extremely dangerous. If you wish to stop using this medication, you MUST talk to your doctor to help develop a plan to wean you off.

Who should not take this medication?

You should not use this drug if you have a hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients involved in its formulation, or if you take a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) to treat another condition. If you notice any signs of an allergic reaction, including swelling, rashes, and suffocation, immediately call an ambulance and discontinue use of this drug.

You should tell your doctor if you have a history of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems, seizures, urinary disorders, low platelets, low sodium, mania, or bipolar disorder; or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This information can help your doctor negate side effects before they happen and reduce any risks associated with this medication.

Fetzima affects the chemicals in the brain and can work negatively alongside other antidepressants and stimulants. Avoid drinking alcohol or using any recreational drugs while using a SNRI drug.

Do not operate heavy machinery or drive until you are aware of how this medicine affects you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fetzima for Anxiety?

Fetzima can be used for anxiety. There are times when this medication is prescribed off-label in order to treat anxiety disorders. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is an increasingly common condition, most notably in young adults aged 18-25 years old. Fetzima may be a solution to help ease feelings of anxiety and decrease the frequency of anxiety attacks.

Is Fetzima a Stimulant?

Fetzima is an anti-depressant, not a stimulant. While Fetzima does exhibit some stimulant effects, it is what’s known as a selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI), which are medications that are classified as antidepressants.

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Maple Leaf Medications has provided information from third parties intended to increase awareness and does not contain all the information about Fetzima (Levomilnacipran). Talk to your doctor or a qualified medical practitioner for medical attention, advice, or if you have any concerns about Fetzima (Levomilnacipran).