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Allergy Medication

Find Quick Relief with the Right Allergy Medication

Get instant relief from allergic symptoms with the right allergy medication.

What Causes Allergies?

Allergies occur when your immune system reacts to a harmful substance — pollen, pet fur, bee venom, or any other allergen. When your immune system perceives any allergen as dangerous, it produces antibodies like histamine. These antibodies stimulate nerves in various parts of the body causing sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, inflamed skin, or more. The severity of allergic reactions varies from person to person. It may range from a little irritation to anaphylaxis — which is life-threatening. Since most allergies can't be cured, it’s recommended to get allergy medication for quick relief.

How to Choose the Right Allergy Medication

With all the different types of allergy medication, it’s difficult to the right one for your condition. It’s always recommended to get a doctor’s prescription first. Here are some of the main types of allergy medications:


Antihistamines block histamine that causes allergic reactions when exposed to allergens like pollen, weeds, or grass. You can buy antihistamine online in pill form, liquid, nasal spray, or eye drops. Keep in mind that first-generation antihistamines like chlorpheniramine and diphenhydramine tend to cause drowsiness and should be used for severe allergy reactions. Second-generation antihistamine medications such as fexofenadine, loratadine, and cetirizine are less potent and more suitable for less severe allergic reactions.


When nasal tissues and blood vessels in your eyes come in contact with an allergen, they may swell. This swelling produces mucous and fluid, consequently causing eye redness. Decongestants offer fast relief by shrinking the swollen tissues and blood vessels. This reduces nasal congestion and red eyes. They come as a nasal spray, pill, liquid, or eye drop. Avoid this medication if you have a cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, or hyperthyroidism.


Corticosteroids relieve allergy symptoms by subduing the allergy-related inflammation. It helps reduce the symptoms of inflammatory conditions like asthma or skin rashes. You can buy this allergy medication as nasal sprays, inhalers, pills, liquids, or skin cream.

Mast Cell Stabilizers

These block the release of bodily chemicals like histamine from mast cells— the cells that manufacture and store histamine. You can opt for these allergy medications if you can’t handle the side effects of antihistamines or if they aren’t working. Generally, mast cell stabilizers are safe, but you have to use them for several days to feel their full effect. You can get them from our online store as nasal sprays or eye drops.

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