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Prescription Prescription Required
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Evista Uses 

Evista drug class is SERM selective estrogen receptor modulator; they chemically devise compounds that affect different estrogen target tissues such as bones, breast, and cardiovascular system. Evista Indications are for women after their menopausal; this medicine is not recommended to women before menopause and should not be used to prevent heart diseases. This medicine contains raloxifene and is prescribed to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, for bone loss is rapid after menopause. The hormones that help bone density diminish, leading to weaker bones and increased fracture risk.  

Evista is also used to lower the chance of developing invasive breast cancer in postmenopausal women; however, age, family history, and history of biopsy may be a factor this can raise the likelihood of developing invasive breast cancer. Evista blocks the estrogen in the breast tissues of women at high risk to prevent the spread of the tumor that needs estrogen to grow. Raloxifene is also known as a designer estrogen. It mimics the action of the naturally produced estrogen in the bones to protect its density while blocking the effects of estrogen on other tissue as an anti-estrogen on the lining of the uterus. 

Evista Dosage 

Evista is a prescription drug, and the dose is based on the medical conditions and response to the treatment; a drug interaction may affect how this medicine work; tell your doctor all other medicines you are taking. Evista is available in a 60mg tablet, which is taken once a day with or without food; it should be swallowed whole, not cut, or crushed, for it has a bitter taste. 

Regular use of this medication at the same time of the day daily will help attain the most benefit; if a dose is missed, take it as soon as remembered, but if it is almost the time for the following intake, skip the missed dose for double dosing is discouraged. This medication is a long-term treatment requiring 60mg per day adjunct with enough calcium and vitamin D. 

Side Effects of Evista 

Common side effects, including hot flashes and leg cramps, may occur; call your doctor for medical advice if it persists or worsens. 

Serious side effects are listed below; get medical help if any of them is experienced. Take note that the side effects listed here are not the complete lists. 

  • Signs of a blood clot – Pain, swelling, redness, or warmth on the legs or arms, chest pain, troubled breathing, sudden vision changes, coughing of blood. 
  • Signs of stroke – Weakness on one side of the body, troubled speaking, vision changes 
  • Severe allergic reaction

    Evista Precautions 

This medicine should be taken with great caution, especially if you have the following conditions: 

  • Blood clots – Raloxifene may increase the risk of blood clots; it is not recommended to use this medicine if you have blood clots in your legs, lungs, or eyes.  
  • Heart attack or in high risk of the attack – this medicine can increase the risk of dying on stroke 
  • Pregnant – This medicine is not recommended for pregnant women, for it may harm the unborn child; inform your doctor if you get pregnant or planning to get pregnant while on this medication. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

-Is Evista a bisphosphonate? 

 No, this medicine is an estrogen agonist that works easier on the stomach, unlike bisphosphonates that lead to irritation and inflammation of the esophagus and stomach lining. 

-How long to take Evista for Osteoporosis? 

This medication is indicated for long-term treatment; it is usually prescribed for about 3 to 5 years. 

-Can this medication cure invasive breast cancer? 

This medication reduces the risk of developing invasive breast cancer, but it does not cure it. 

-Can Evista reduce vasomotor symptoms as estrogen medicine does? 

This medication is not estrogen, and it will not work on relieving vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness. 

-What will happen if you suddenly stop taking this medication? 

An increase in bone turnover will be experienced if this medication is stopped without your doctor’s advice. 

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