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Kerydin Uses 

Kerydin, with the generic name tavaborole, belongs to a class of drugs called oxaborole antifungal agents. It is a topical solution used on the skin and nails. It is prescribed to treat patients with fungal toenail infection (also called onychomycosis) caused by Trichophyton rubrum or Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

How does Kerydin work? 

When tavaborole is applied correctly and absorbed into the bloodstream, it works by blocking Leucyl-tRNA synthetase (LeuRS). LeuRS is an enzyme needed for protein synthesis. Without this enzyme, there is no protein synthesis. Hence, the fungus dies as a result of a reduction in fungal cell proliferation.

Kerydin Dosage 

The dosage and frequency of tavaborole vary from one person to another. It will be determined based on the extent of your health problem, age, and tolerance to therapy. This drug is available in a liquid solution with a 5% strength.  

The suggested dosage for patients aged six and above with fungal toenail infection is to apply this solution once a day for 48 weeks (one year) or as prescribed by your doctor.

Directions on how to use Kerydin Topical Solution 

Carefully check all prescription directions and information related to the tavaborole solution. Use this solution exactly as directed and consult your doctor or pharmacist. Ask them if you have any questions about using this topical therapy. 

In applying tavaborole solution before and after use, thoroughly wash your hands. Also, cleanse and rinse the affected toenails thoroughly and wipe dry with a clean cloth. 

Remove the cap from the bottle and discard it. Using the dropper provided, insert it into the bottle and aspirate enough solution. Hold the dropper tip over your affected toenail and squeeze the bulb slowly. Make sure to apply the medication on the affected toenail, up to the edges of the toenail. Also, administer this solution under the tip of the toenail. 

Repeat these steps to each toenail affected. Let the solution dry and insert the dropper back into the bottle.

Kerydin Side Effects 

The following are the common side effects of this topical solution that may resolve with time without medical intervention: 

  • Nail or skin exfoliation (shedding)
  • Ingrown toenail
  • Redness
  • Inflammation 

However, if the side effects listed above do not resolve over time or if you experience any of the following adverse effects of this drug, contact your doctor immediately: 

  • Severe redness
  • Unusual swelling
  • Persistent irritation of the affected toenail.
  • Symptoms of allergic reactions: rashes, hives, swelling of the face and lips, throat tightness, or difficulty breathing 

Bear in mind that this is not all the list of the potential health concerns linked with this topical solution.

Precautions while using Kerydin 

Before using this solution, tell your doctor if you have other skin problems or infections. Doing so will help them decide if this topical solution is safe for you. 

Do not use this drug if you are allergic to tavaborole and other ingredients. When using this solution, you should seek medical advice as soon as you notice allergic reactions. 

Do not use this solution if you have bacterial or viral infections. Doing so will not resolve your condition and may worsen your symptoms. 

This topical medication is intended only for toenails use and not for the mouth, nose, or eyes. 

Keep this solution out of children’s reach and store it accordingly. It is best to avoid it near high heat or open flame as this medication is flammable. Remember to keep it away from moisture and heat.

How much does Kerydin cost? 

This topical treatment has a moderately high cost. You can conveniently buy Kerydin online from this page 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How long should I use the Kerydin solution? 

The length of your therapy will depend on your doctor’s evaluation, so be careful not to stop using this solution without their approval. In applying this topical solution, you need to be patient as it is given for long-term use, as it usually takes many months to get rid of fungus and for a healthy nail to grow back.  

The recommended duration when using this drug is 48 weeks (one year). After completing the suggested course of treatment, if your symptoms persist, consult your healthcare provider about this problem.

Can I stop using Kerydin when my condition gets better? 

No. Despite the fact that your symptoms have largely subsided, keep using this medication. If you discontinue this topical treatment too soon, the infection can return.

Is Kerydin safe for pregnant women? 

For pregnant and lactating mothers, it is best to consult and discuss with your doctor the possible benefits and drawbacks of this topical medicine to avoid harming your child.

When should I discard the Kerydin bottle? 

Even if there is still medication in the container of this topical medication after three months, it should be replaced.  


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Kerydin Topical Solution

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Tavaborole Topical Solution



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