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Incontinence Medication

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Are you struggling with incontinence and looking for a mediation that may help improve your symptoms? Buy incontinence medication online from Maple Leaf. [Buy Online]

What Causes Incontinence?

For both men and women, there are many possible causes of incontinence. Some may be physical causes, like muscle control issues or injury. Others may have to do with chemicals in the body such as changes in hormones and neurological communication issues. Whatever the reason, it can be a difficult burden to deal with.

Physical Changes

For women especially, physical changes to the muscles around the bladder and pelvic floor can lead to incontinence. Pregnancy and childbirth are the main causes of this. Exercises and medication may help restore normal bladder function. As men age, prostate enlargement can cause incontinence. Treating the prostatic hyperplasia may help.

Hormonal Changes

Menopause can change the amount of hormones in a woman's body. Some of the hormones may have kept her bladder healthier before. Now these hormonal changes may lead to incontinence. Some medications may help.

Neurological Conditions

Many neurological conditions - conditions that affect the brain and spine like an injury or Parkinson's disease - lead to incontinence as the nerves get confused carrying messages to the bladder. Medications used in tandem with treatment for the neurological condition can improve bladder function.

How to Choose the Right Incontinence Medication

There are several medicinal approaches to treat incontinence. Some affect the bladder directly while other treat conditions that may have incontinence as a symptom.

Hormone Therapy

For women whose incontinence is directly related to hormonal issues using hormones like topical estrogen may help return their bladder to normal function.

Alpha Blockers

When men experience enlarged prostates and accompanying incontinence symptoms, taking alpha blockers to assist the muscles around the bladder may help. There are many medications in this class such as Flomax and Rapaflo.


For those who want to reduce the need to urinate, anticholinergics may help prevent these unpleasant urges. Some medications in this class include Detrol and Enablex.

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