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What Are Seizures?

Seizures are neurological events where electricity in the brain suddenly causes physical symptoms. Those with seizures may become unconscious, be unable to control their muscles, or behave strangely. Due to the risk of unconsciousness or sudden muscle incapacity, seizures often result in injury. Many people fall down when they suddenly have a seizure and can hurt their head or other body parts. At the same time, a prolonged seizure that lasts more than the general few seconds can result in brain damage. It's important to work with a doctor to develop a lifestyle and medicinal regimen that can prevent seizures.

How Seizure Medications Can Help

Common seizure medications - or antiepileptic drugs - affect the brain differently. Depending on the type of seizure, one medication may be a better or worse fit than another. Some common seizure medications include: Topiramate: It's brand name is Topamax. It is taken twice a day to change the acidity of brain tissue by preventing the enzyme carbonic anydrase. Phenobarbital: It's brand name is Luminal. Benefits of this medication are its inexpensive price and long history of use. It works by taking it every day to encourage the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. Lorazepam: It's brand name is Ativan. This is a rescue drug that can be taken just as a seizure is coming on. It prevents sequential, cluster seizures over several hours. Seizure medications can have extremely serious side effects for both the person who takes them and a fetus if they become pregnant while taking the medication. Speak to a doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns about side effects, particularly suicidal thoughts.

How the Process Works

When shopping for a medication, you can search for it on the Maple Leaf Meds website. Choose the brand you want and add it to your cart. We will then prompt you to submit a prescription. Once your prescription is verified, and you have checked out, it takes two to four weeks for medications to ship and arrive. Please plan ahead for your next refill, so you don't have any gaps in your medication.

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Maple Leaf Meds are a pharmaceutical intermediary that helps you find the medications you need at the price you can afford. We are accredited by the CIPA and IPABC. We also participate in the PharmacyChecker.com Verification Program to ensure continuity in pharmaceutical approvals across international markets.

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If you are ready to order seizure medication for yourself or someone else, we are happy to work with you to get your medication shipped out as efficiently as possible. Our customer service is available to provide you pricing information and help you place the order on the phone. Online orders can be placed directly from the medications search results and cart. Please call 1-800-998-4015 or e-mail [email protected] to get in touch.

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