Canada drugs are less expensive because of the strict price-controls enforced by the Canadian Government with the help of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) branch of HealthCanada help regulate prices that pharmaceutical manufactures can charge. Similarly, drugs from other international countries have the same type of price controls enforced by the country’s government.

The mission of the PMPRB is to ensure that patented Canada drugs sold are not excessive in price. It specifically monitors the “factory-gate” price — the price that the drugs are sold by the manufacturer to hospitals, pharmacies and other drug wholesalers in Canada. The PMPRB does not regulate, nor does it have jurisdiction over, pharmacy dispensing fees. Governments of other countries outside of Canada and USA holds the similar missions to maintain price control on international drugs.

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How much can Canadian or international drug prices rise annually?

Prices controlled by the PMPRB cannot rise faster than the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Canada. Similar to Canada, international drug prices also does not increase very much. Although total expenditures on drugs have been going up, the prices of patented medicines in Canada over the past ten years have decreased in comparison to other industrialized countries.

In the United States, since there is no regulation, prices can rise very quickly over short periods time — often faster than the rate of inflation (AARP Study – April 12, 2005).

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What does the PMPRN not regulate?

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board of Canada does not regulate the prices of non-patented drugs such as generic drugs or over the counter medications that are available to the public without a prescription.

How long does a patent for Canada or international drugs last?

Patented medications are protected for 20 years from the date of filing. There is no protection afforded to non-patented medicine including generic drugs and some brand name drugs. International drug patents vary from country to country, but are not too far off from Canada’s drug patents.

If I order my drugs at MapleLeafMeds, how long does it take?

You should receive your order for prescription medications from Canada or internationally in about 14 – 28 business days.