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One Important Health Issue to Discuss at the Next Presidential Debate

October 9 marks the second presidential debate, sure to be a televised event with a large audience. The first debate was shown to over 84 million people, the largest audience ever for a presidential debate. Among the issues brought up were job creation, taxes, and race issues, but nothing to address the rising costs of […]
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How Is Tylenol Dangerous?

Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in the most common over-the-counter drug sold, Tylenol. It is common for adults and children to take a dose if they feel they are catching a cold or fever. The drug also serves as a pain reliever. Although the drug has no side effects when taken in the correct dosage, […]
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Why You Should Consider Over the Counter Drugs

Over the counter (OTC) medications are ones that are available off the shelf for purchase in local drug stores and pharmacies. You do not need a prescription for these drugs and they have applications that can be useful for multiple people. OTC medications are regulated by the federal government, just like prescription medication. You may start taking […]
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Why Prescription Drugs are More Dangerous Than Street Drugs

There is a common stigma, especially in teens, that “street drugs” (illegal substances such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines) are more dangerous than prescription drugs.  Children are brought up with the knowledge that street drugs have many negative side effects and pose a real danger, but knowledge about the dangers of prescription drugs is sorely […]
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Are Online Pharmacies Reliable?

As purchasing medication from online sources becomes a more affordable choice, it is important that consumers ensure that they purchase their medication from a reliable source. checks the credentials of online pharmacies to help you stay safe, as well as making it easy for you to compare and find the lowest drug prices. This […]
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CIPA: Many Americans Still Using Canadian Pharmacies To Offset The Cost Of Prescription Drugs

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, Americans are using Canadian pharmacies to fill their prescriptions and keep their costs down.  A CIPA survey of approximately 2700 patients found that about 64% are purchasing some or all of their medications from Canada, with about 22% reporting that their medications are not covered by their […]
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US Confirms CIPA Approved Canadian Pharmacies Safe Option for Prescription Drugs

A research study confirms prescription medicines obtained by CIPA members are 100 percent original, safe, and more affordable.  The study included data collected from multiple pharmacies recognized by certified organizations and agencies providing essential information to consumers to assist in making informed decisions when ordering prescription medicines online. What was collected and analyzed during the […]
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The Validity of Online Pharmacies

There was some truth in the report which was commendable since there is a no tolerance policy on rogue pharmacies at CPPI (Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation). However, those who are not in support of personal prescription importation can try to convince you that all medications that do not originate from a given certification program […]
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