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Category Archives: diet

How Fast Food Destroys Your Digestive System

Often, fast food contains a lot of calories and very little nutrition. This is why many individuals face numerous health problems when they include fast food in their daily diet. It is a common conception that all fast food must be bad, as there are some healthier options; but in reality, the highly processed nature […]
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How to get enough Vitamin D in your diet

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin required by the human body. It plays a vital role in promoting the absorption of calcium and the growth of bones and cells. It is important that a person has a sufficient level of Vitamin D intake in food or supplements. Foods such as fatty fish, beef, cheese and […]
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How Your Sugar Addiction Is Slowly Killing Your Brain

If you thought watching your weight was the only good reason to ditch those donuts, think again. Glucose is actually the human brain’s main fuel source and is not harmful in moderate amounts but what happens when the brain has to deal with the more than 150 pounds a year of added sugar that the […]
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The Best Detox Foods

From pollutants in the air to chemicals that we ingest, now more than ever, toxins enter our bodies. It is because of the everyday toxins that we encounter, that detoxing is essential to keep your body in good health. You’ll find the best 6 detoxifying foods below. 1. Avocados This wonder veggie is full of […]
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Raspberry Keytone: Miracle Fat Burner or Money Burner

Raspberry keytone (RK) is the latest Miracle Fat burner in a bottle. The ingredient is found naturally in red raspberries. A scientific study was done on mice that were fed with a fat diet. When raspberry ketone was given to them, they showed less weight gain than those who were not given the product. It […]
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Too Little Salt Causes Problems Too

For years, doctors and other health professionals have been telling people to decrease their salt intake. Doing that was said to decrease the chance of cardiac events and heart disease. That direction may have to be changed, however, as some studies are finding that too little salt may be just as dangerous. Some experts are […]
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