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Why You Should Consider Over the Counter Drugs

Over the counter (OTC) medications are ones that are available off the shelf for purchase in local drug stores and pharmacies. You do not need a prescription for these drugs and they have applications that can be useful for multiple people. OTC medications are regulated by the federal government, just like prescription medication. You may start taking […]
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Fighting Mother Nature with Mother Nature

An allergy occurs because of hypersensitivity to a particular allergen, with the symptoms varying upon ones sensitivity. An allergic relief is the body’s way of combating the allergen. What results is an excess inflammation of chemicals such as histamine, which is produced from the body’s mast cells. The inflammation brings upon watery eyes, red eyes, […]
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Seasonal Allergy Diagnosis

Spring has arrived and already left allergy sufferers with a runny nose, itchy eyes, as well as other symptoms of hay fever. Hay fever has symptoms that closely resemble those of the common cold. It is for this reason that many allergy sufferers are not getting professional help. “Uhh, I just have a cold,” is […]
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